Monday, 20 August 2012

Austin Inspiration Mahone

Full Name           : Austin Carter Mahone
Address              : Texas
Date of Birth       : 4 April 1996
Height                 : 5 '7
Hair color           : Dark Brown
Eye Color           : Hazel
Favorite animal    : Romo (cat)
Favorite color      : Red
Talents                : Basketball, piano, drums, guitar and singing

Fan Mail: Austin Mahone
PO BOX 592 288
San Antonio, TX, 78 259

Austin made ​​me more enthusiasm to achieve my goal, I have no aspirations to be my focus to three lives. Among others:
A. Want to be President as Ir. Soekarno and Barack Obama,
2. Want to be a teacher as a teacher at the Madrasah Ibtidayah Thariqul Khair, SMP 125 and SMK Muhammadiyah Jakarta 13
3. And wanted to be a singer like Austin Mahone and Band Seventeen

That was my goal at this time and until doomsday. Hopefully, my goal is reached .. tarima love of GOD Almighty .. : D

Congratulations Austin Mahone reach 1 million followers on twitter more. One was I who became followers on twitter. But I came face to be followed by the muse austin Mahone .. : D

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